Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on Sermon Soundbytes

Here are a few more little thoughts and snippets from my note book, taken from listening to different sermons and interacting with them.
  • "predestination - nothing prevents God's of sovereignty as long as we continue to walk in the Spirit"
If the preacher who stated this is correct, then surely God is not actually sovereign since the success of his plan depends on frail human beings? This statement, whilst seeming to teach the sovereignty of God is in fact entirely anthropocentric because God, it would seem, is incapable of implementing his will without people, thus he is not sovereign. This kind of attitude reminds me of the fictitious nonsense that God "helps those who help themselves", a theological dressing up of naked greed if ever there was one.
  • "assurance is freedom from doubt"
Is that really so? In the experience of Job, his assurance came from freedom in doubt - by understanding that circumstances are temporary but the love of God is eternal, Job was free to believe despite the evident doubts and questions his circumstances raised. Doubt is a natural part of faith, after all we are called not to know but to believe.

Just a couple of things to mull over....


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... You should have ear-marked the qoutes. Curious who said them. Da murg

Velky Al said...

I know exactly who said them, preachers' names are in the book - but I think it would be unfair to single them out as many of my friends in Scotland know them.