Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conditional Christianity

Going back to this morning's broadcast on the World Service about praying at the pump, one of the people interviewed stated that the Bible says "ask and you will receive" and that it "really is simple". Yet in the very next sentence he claimed that "all you have to do is believe" - immediately placing a condition on on whether or not you receive what you ask for. Yet within the context of Luke 11, just after Jesus has taught the disciples how to pray there is no mention of "needing faith" but rather the focus is on how God is like a father who gives his people good things rather than bad.


The Woolpack Inn said...

I like this blog Velky. Having been brought up a Catholic and now having what I think is a healthy scepticism, it's nice to read things that challenge faith without completely po poing it.

I'd like to believe in something, but be allowed to question as well.

Velky Al said...

That's one of the reasons I became an Espiscopalian - they gave me the room and freedom to struggle.